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PainStopper™ is a revolutionary, approved, pain relief technology woven into the fabric of this remarkable system.

If you already have whiplash pain, or have just experienced a car crash over 20mph (32 kmh) and are not yet experiencing pain – we strongly recommend you purchase and use a PainStopper™!

Whiplash pain is generally first felt one to two weeks after the accident! 
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PainStopper™ is proven to dramatically reduce pain, and increase your body’s electrical energy and coherence as seen with high voltage photography.  We believe this is the most effective solution to whiplash pain - even before it hits!

Whiplash Pain Relief Secrets
Like all injuries, whiplash sets up inflammation, causing swelling and pain.  If insufficiently hydrated, this site tends to retain toxicity, causing aggravations in the future.

New research shows that increased cellular hydration (getting water deep into the cells) ensures better nutrient uptake and toxin release, resulting in faster recovery.

PlatoH2O™ is a revolutionary discovery that increases your water’s capacity to access the cells.  Better cellular hydration leads to more energy, faster recovery and a tremendous experience of wellbeing.

We recommend you take advantage of our 20% off combination special offer when purchasing a PainStopper™ and bottle of PlatoH2O together.