Sore Feet


Be on your feet for hours – Pain Free!

Foot PainPainStopper™ Insoles are guaranteed to relieve your tired, sore and aching feet.  This is a hugely powerful, drug solution that thousands of people are discovering.

Swollen ankles and throbbing feet can also be a thing of the past.

PainStopper™ is a revolutionary new technology guaranteed to do this and more! Research at the Vienna University of Technology shows that within 10 minutes of wearing these insoles, the energy right to your fingertips increases dramatically!

Tested by KLM flight crews, PainStopper™ Insoles dramatically reduce foot and leg pain in even the most demanding environments! And what is more over 80% report less jetlag!!

Secrets of sore feet and leg pain
The feet are obviously weight bearing, and the soles are designed as cushions. You must keep these cushions plump to resolve pain.
The capillaries and lymph vessels bring nutrients and remove toxins.
These fluids must not stagnate.

The Solution
Deep Cellular Hydration is vital to plump up the cushions of the soles of the feet. Proper hydration prevents stagnation of fluids and build-up of acids, which cause swollen ankles and joint pains. Remarkably, it is now proven that most of us are not hydrating properly!

PlatoH2O™ is a revolutionary new water solution, clinically proven to drive the water into the cells like nothing discovered before!

We recommend the combination of PainStopper™ Insoles with PlatoH2O™ for the most profound resolution of pain and whole body rejuvenation experience.
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