Sciatic Nerve Pain


Stop that shooting pain travelling down your leg – Guaranteed!

PainStopper™ is a remarkable, award winning, drug free, pain relief technology that can be worn on the leg or around the waist for sciatic pain relief.

“It’s brilliant!  After my accident, my sciatic pain was such agony I couldn’t stand in the mornings.  I put one ‘PainStoppe™r on my calf and one on my thigh before bed and was amazed to wake totally pain free! – Incredible!!”

PainStopper™ never loses its potency.  No matter how often it is worn and washed, this miracle fabric continues to balance the body’s energy in a way that simply relieves pain.  The scientists are baffled, but confirm through high voltage photography, that the whole body’s electrical field is enhanced with this revolutionary discovery!

Sciatic Pain Relief Secrets
Sciatic pain is usually caused by swelling and restriction of the sciatic nerve.  Whether due to infection or injury, if insufficiently hydrated, the enflamed tissue tends to retain toxicity, causing prolonged aggravations.

In every case improving cellular hydration by driving water deep into the cells ensures improved toxin release and faster recovery.

PlatoH2O™ is a revolutionary discovery that increases your water’s capacity to access the cells.  Better cellular hydration leads to more energy, faster recovery and a tremendous experience of wellbeing.