PainStopper 1
Pain relief from the feet to the fingers
PainStopper 2
Pain relief for arms and legs
Insole Showes PainStopper insoles are a remarkable way to resolve foot pain! Tested by flight crews of KLM, they dramatically reduce soreness, swelling and improve circulation right to the toes. This simple solution strengthens the whole body. Simply cut to size and insert in any pair of shoes.

Pain Relief for Arm
For arm or leg pain, the PainStopper 2 is the perfect choice. Whether muscle or joint pain, the PowerSurge technology will resolve it fast! By restoring biological function and increasing nerve signals it eliminates the body’s need to express pain. The PowerSurge stretch fabric of the PainStopper 2 easily accommodates the smallest wrist to the largest leg.

PainStopper 3
Pain relief for hips, waist and chest
PainStopper 4
Pain relief for the head

Painstopper 3 waist period painFor chest, stomach, waist or hips, Painstopper 3 will stretch to fit. In tests, 85% of women found this a remarkable solution to period pains. It may be worn day and night close to the skin to restore correct biological function where pain and discomfort are felt.

 From Jet Lag to Migraine, the PainStopper 4 headband provides remarkable relief. Adjustable to all head sizes, Painstopper 4 allows the body to self regulate to resolve the cause of pain and cope with time-zone changes. Tested by KLM flight crews, this has been shown to dramatically reduce jet lag in all long-haul flights.

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PainStopper 5
Back Pain relief
PainStopper 6
Whole body recovery
 The back pain relief system covers neck shoulders and back. It is ideal for those with chronic back ache or injury. In addition to restoring the energy of the back, it should be understood that the whole nervous system travels down the spinal chord and exits via the vertebrae to every organ and tissue of the body.

Whole Body PainStopperThe PainStopper 6 whole body sleep system, is the most profound restorative recovery technology of the 21st century. The PowerSurge technology woven into the fabric of this whole body suit ensures the strongest support for the entire metabolism, allowing it to restore proper function with tremendous efficiency.