How PainStopper Works

PainStopper™ boosts the electrical signal in the body.

This can be seen using high voltage photography.  Just look at the before and after images.
Electrical discharge from the body interacts with photographic film, leaving a 'witness' of the strength and integrity of that field on the developed film.

Notice how broken the left image is and how strong the right image has become!
There is initially very little output particularly from the fingers. After just 10 minutes of standing on the PainStopper insoles however, and the increase in strength and integrity are obvious!

Before using PainStopper™ Insoles

After 10 mins of PainStopper™ Insoles
High Frqency Image 1
High Frqency Image 3
These images by Professor Köck, of the University of Technology, Vienna, are of a patient with
lung and kidney disease.

Pain is a stress signal sent via the nervous system to the brain. 
Much like broken phone signals, weak or broken nerve signals create biological stress which prevents the body from keeping up with demand. This lack of adaptability results in PAIN!

PainStopper™ literally restores our electrical communication
(our biological phone signals).