Headache & Migraine


Stop your headaches without drugs!

 Headaches migraines and even jetlag can now be effectively addressed with the PainStoper Headband.

The headband may be adjusted to fit any head size very comfortably.
There are no drugs, no drowsiness - just a huge sense of relief as your pain melts away.

While resolving your headaches with PainStopper, please also consider this:
The brain is more than 80% water.
Research now shows that our bodies are not hydrating properly.  
The water just isn’t getting freely into the cells.   

Dehydration leads to lack of concentration, loss of productivity and headaches!
In addition to ridding yourself of your headache with PainStopper, we recommend you consider PlatoH2O Core™ - the revolutionary water additive that is clinically proven to radically increase cellular hydration throughout the body.

Our recommendation is that PlatoH2O™ be taken in addition to using the PainStopper™ headband for maximum effect!  Please click here to be taken to the PlatoH2O website .