Carpal Tunnel


Remarkable relief from the menace of carpal tunnel and repetitive strain

 The pain of Carpal Tunnel makes life a misery. 
PainStopper is a remarkable new technology that restores proper biological function and resolves pain

The groundbreaking technology woven into the fabric of PainStopper is drug free, durable and tremendously effective.  Worn discretely beneath the clothing it may be washed and re-worn repeatedly for years of effortless pain relief.

Carpel Tunnel Secret:
The tendons and ligaments involved in carpal tunnel rely heavily on proper, cellular hydration.  Without this, nutrients fail to be incorporated and toxins concentrate, exacerbating the pain of the condition.

PlatoH2O™ is the only clinically proven means of dramatically increasing cellular hydration.  We strongly recommend that you investigate this remarkable water concentrate to restore your body's proper fluid flow.

The final piece of the puzzle.
Carpal Tunnel responds very well to Vitamin B supplementation.  For the most appropriate supplement and advice by a qualified naturopath, we recommend contacting Self Health Enterprises .

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